Who Should Buy the McLaren Extreme?

Who Should Buy the McLaren Extreme?

The McLaren Extreme electric mountain bike was designed by McLaren’s F1 designers and inspired by the all-electric McLaren Extreme E offroad racing truck driven by Team NEOM. Like the racing truck – and all McLaren vehicles – the McLaren Extreme is built to take cyclists to new performance heights.  

The new bike’s beating heart is a custom motor that develops 161nm of torque, an incredible amount of power that makes this bike the envy of all other electric mountain bikes – exactly what you’d expect from McLaren’s first bike.  

The Extreme sets new benchmarks for power, handling, control, and rider engagement. But who will get the most out of the Extreme?  

Nearly any rider can enjoy the bike’s impressive power and responsive handling, but the person who will enjoy Extreme the most is one who wants to feel raw power and acceleration as they exit every turn, and who appreciates active, carefully tuned suspension and telepathic handling while flying across wide-open landscapes, or down singletrack trails. 

The Extreme delivers exactly this kind of experience. As soon as you start pedaling, you’ll feel the motor’s power and torque; the Extreme helps riders easily cruise flat transitions and makes short work even the steepest climbs. 

Once on top of a climb, riders will find that the Extreme is equally tuned for speed on descents and flats. The mid-mount motor creates a low center of gravity to keep the bike perfectly balanced.  

On roots, rocks, drops, tight trails, and other challenging terrain, the Extreme excels, thanks to the active suspension and the bike’s mullet configuration – a 29” front wheel and 27.5” rear wheel. This configuration makes the bike easy to handle, even on the harshest terrain. The speed-tuned geometry creates quick handling that lets riders get the most enjoyment from every bend in the trails. Knobby Pirelli mountain bike tires keep the Extreme securely on track as you dive into berms.  

Not only for riders who want to maximize their time on the trail, the Extreme is also for people who appreciate details that only McLaren would think to engineer into an electric mountain bike. The one-piece carbon handlebar evokes a McLaren supercar’s cockpit and contains a display that’s easy to see even on rough trails. A powerful, integrated handlebar headlamp lets you see the trail at night, and even the stiff carbon frame is reminiscent of the silhouettes of McLaren automobiles. 

If you appreciate power, agility, and a strong connection to the trail, the McLaren Extreme is for you.