McLaren Performance on Two Wheels

McLaren Performance on Two Wheels

Extreme and Sport Electric Mountain Bikes Bring McLaren’s Power and Performance to Two Wheels

When designing their first electric mountain bikes, the Extreme and Sport, McLaren set out to bring to mountain biking the power and innovation for which McLaren cars have always been known. After meticulous design and over 1,500 hours of research and development, McLaren has created the world’s most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bikes. 

The new range of McLaren electric mountain bikes includes two models, the Extreme dual suspension trail bike, and the Sport hardtail. Both feature carbon fiber frames and are available in 600W (US-only) and 250W (global markets) variants. The 600W versions have been designed at the absolute limit of power allowed by US laws and in compliance with Class 1 electric bike standards for authorized trail use where permitted. The 250W versions also offer riders impressive torque to power up any trail. Both 600W and 250W versions are classified as Class 1 pedal-assist vehicles. 

These brand-new, two-wheeled machines fit perfectly with the McLaren on- and off-road performance heritage that originated in 1952 when Bruce McLaren entered his first race. McLaren’s recent work on the Extreme E all-electric offroad racing truck also helped guide the development of the Extreme and Sport electric mountain bikes (eMTB).

What makes these bikes the world’s most powerful trail-legal eMTBs?  

The heart of McLaren’s eMTBs is a custom motor designed specifically for these models. This piece of proprietary, high-performance technology is only available on McLaren’s bikes, which have been meticulously designed to handle the extreme torque generated by the motor.

Here are the 600W version’s performance ratings:  

  • 600W Rated Power
  • 852W Peak Power
  • 161Nm of Torque
  • 31.7W/kg for the drive system


The 600W motor and drive system creates an impressive power curve that allows riders to easily cruise to the top of any climb, or dial back the assist level, knowing that the best-in-class torque will still help them roll over rocks, roots, and other obstacles with ease. 



The 250W versions are also the most powerful eMTBs in their class, producing 121Nm of torque, and are trail-legal in the UK, EU, and AUS.

Riders of all four bikes can access five power modes from the handle-bar mounted control panel.

The five Power Modes: 

  • Off
  • Eco
  • Trail
  • Sport
  • Race

The McLaren eMTBs are extremely powerful and ready to help riders get the maximum enjoyment out of every ride. Like all eBikes, the McLaren Extreme and Sport are subject to local regulations. Riders should exercise caution and courtesy when passing cyclists on less-powerful bikes and should always check local trail systems’ rules before riding. 

McLaren has a long history of building high-performance vehicles, going back to Bruce McLaren’s historic win of the triple crown of motorsports (F1 Championship, the Indianapolis 500, and Le Mans) in the 1960s. From that heritage, McLaren has learned that a vehicle is more than a motor and must offer riders a complete experience that’s capable of harnessing the powerplant’s extreme power and delivering to the road or trail. To ensure that riders have a bike capable of safely conquering any terrain at any speed, all McLaren eMTBs are equipped with the newest, high-performing drivetrain and brake components from SRAM as well as fast, reactive suspension from RockShox. 

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